One Register Open

Another day, another example of Canada Posts abysmal service, disregard for community members time and ill-thought-out covid proceedures. 


I know there are only 3 people allowed but if all three people are in line for the attendant, why can't one person at a time pop in to check our boxes? I do not think that would be a breach of covid rules. It might be difficult to explain in a sign but it would help the line move when there is one attendant and there is a problem they are working through with a single customer.  I do appreciat the attendants. They are always friendly and doing the best they can.

Or maybe there should be two members of staff at the counter at busy times, so that three-person line moves more quickly. I know that occasionally one comes to help, but usually there's only one person on, with a huge line up.

Whoever is working at the counter no doubt faces a lot of irritated people, but they're always pleasant and helpful nonetheless. Full marks for service; once you get in there.

I can't see any reason that there's only one person at the counter though. If it's a matter of being understaffed, hire someone. No other business could survive with a line-up around the corner most of the time, and one worker at the counter.

Oh, boo hoo, how could we ever wait in a line to get our mail during a pandemic. Oh, boooooo hoooooo, i am weeping for you over here. This is OPPRESSION, how could anyone possibly deal with such inanity during a pandemic. O. M. G.

Oh sorry did I say inanity, I meant insanity....


Wait, no I didn't.

Take about 50% off there holdeeni, it's a pain to get mail and the setup is suboptimal. No need to get offended.

post office could definitely stand to rethink the people flow- be nice to see 3 at a time to the PO boxes then maybe a separate line to queue for packages.

I am just so fired up I need to make a bhubble post ASAP about this social plight

Wow, hold on holdeeni! Accurate & fair comments here. I've worked through this 'pandemic' also and our service level has not turned into a community eyesore. If there is anywhere you may pick up covid it very well may be the shambala- esque cue on Queen St. 

Your chances of catching covid in a distanced outdoors queue are far smaller than your chances in a crowded indoor space. But science shouldn't matter compared to our convenience anyhow.

Three cheers to the people working at Canada Post in Rossland - they are happy, cheerful people.

But this has got to change! Checking mail is nothing short of a fucking nightmare in this town, and I am sick to death of Covid being an excuse for everything.

Covid is an excuse for the Canada Post - there is absolutely NO REASON that this protocol has to remain the way it is. Its bullshit and can be figured out way better.

Also - Covid is an excuse for Ferraro Foods to not allow cloth shopping bags inside, another thing I am sick to death of. In my opinion both Ferraro's and Canada Post need to step the fuck up and figure out a better way. Yes, Ferraro's needs to do better.

Maybe the postal people should start running back 

and forth between the register and the package storage room.

Start going to the gym and maybe usung performance 

enhancing drugs.

I think the staff are great and the service is excellent. The current post office  setup is reasonbly effective at reducing Covid exposer, but I would have to agree that it is not efficient at getting mail to the peoples. One idea would be to separate the checking of PO boxes from counter service.  Put a divider between the 2 doors.  The right door would be dedicated to the PO boxes and the left door for access to the service counter.  The 2 separate ques would have to stay off the stairs to allow space for people to exit, but overall the ques and lines would be shorter. 

While I agree with a couple of comments saying it would be nice to just "pop in" and check our boxes, one doesn't always know for sure if there will be a pkg there, especially with mail being slow in many parts of the country and from out of the there could be people "popping in" to check their boxes and then get into the line up that people are complaining about, to retrieve their pkgs for which they just found a notice card. Also, you can always check your mail at odd hours, the doors for just "popping in" to check your box are, I believe, open til 7 pm. (I think that's what the sign on the door says?).

A simple suggestion to start would be to reverse the flow of people that go in and out of the "service desk" room on the left, so that there is an actual flow and nobody crosses eachother's path.

I agree that this is getting rather irritating. I believe it is not the people we see there working non-stop's fault, but rather probably some kind of higher up issue. If there is one business that has had a huge surge in customers since covid, its the Post. One can hope they could hire more people with all that extra income?

I'm sure the employees there would love some extra help. Would probably contribute to their surprisingly patient and pleasent attitude that they somehow manage to keep while serving so many people.


But why register your complaint here? Why not discuss the problem with people who can actually effect a change? Maybe there is a reason why there was only one person? 

Amassing all these ideas and suggestions here isn't going to accomplish anything. 

Anyone have a printer? Why not print this page and bring it in- ask that it be brought to whoever can do something about it. Maybe use some white out on some of the less helpful comments.

One solution might be as follows -

The person at the top of the line waiting outside can easily see whether the three people inside are waiting for counter service. If this is the case, he or she can pop in and collect their mail without meeting anyone. 

If it turns out that the person checking mail has a package, then that person exits and returns to the head of the line by the door and everyone shuffles back two meters.

However, in most cases it's just mail and we can get the line-up down faster and save a lot of aggravation.

Hey bikeskiswim.....

I must admit that you seem to not be able to put your words down without being rude and offensive.

All I can say is thank God for Ferraro's and all their staff. I think that if " No personal bags" makes their work place feel safer then that is the least I can do. I just load everything back into my cart, take them to my car and load them in my bags... super easy.

Oh did you notice that I didn't use the "F " word once :)

In the words of Dr. Bonnie Henry....

Be KIND, Be CALM and Be SAFE. 

These seven words can go along way right now, especially the first two. 

This isn't forever, it's just for right now is another saying she likes to say. 

Let's remember these very powerful words the next time we have to sit in line at the post office or feel like posting negative comments on our community feed. Everyone is just doing the best they can right now and we in Rossland have so very much to be grateful for. 

Thank you to all of the Ferraro Foods staff and the Post office crew who continue to come to work everyday and expose themselves to so many so that we can have our mail and groceries. 



Well said Tasha :)

Last time I was standing in line the sun was shining on my face and I was grateful for the chance to slow down and enjoy it. I was actually thinking to myself that this situation would never fly with city people.

"This isn't forever" - sure feels like it is when you're standing in that line!

But seriously, after a year with no reliable end in sight, I think it's more than fair for people to demand improved service. Most communities have door to door service or community mail drops/small outdoor groups of boxes. Our community deserves better service from a government corporation that we pay as much for as any other user group.

Has anyone who is complaining on here actually bothered to offer some helpful/constructive suggestions or solutions to whoever manages the post office and who might actually be able to address and improve the situation?  Bitching in to the endless echo chamber of bhubble and social media rarely accomplishes anything productive.  Just a thought.

By late December the staff at the post office had worked 31 days straight.  They worked weekends to be ready for all that was to come during the week.  With the huge increase in online shopping and the general increase in mail around Christmas, the post staff worked 7 days a week for weeks to get parcels and mail to you. The unusual volume of mail means they continue to work long hours and often over the weekends. 

Josh, have you asked them how they are doing? If you have ever worked for a large institution you might remember how little say you have over your working conditions.  Do you not think this is less than a ball for them too? 

Perhaps asking post office staff if there is anything as a community we can do to help such as writing to Canada Post to get nightshifts or a few more positions or a renovation so parcels can be picked up elsewhere would be more constructive.  It would also show some compassion and care for the people who work extremely hard and always with courtesy.

Instead of a Bhubble rant talk to them. It would be more supportive and constructive. Gill

Let's all have a collective round of applause for those courteous and patient postal workers.  If they could  make things even more efficient, I'm sure they'd be doing it.  Evenings are also quieter for general post office box checking.

Maybe co-ordinate with a friend who needs to get mail also, wait in line together and have a socially distanced catch-up.  Make some lemonaide out of this Covid lemon, and arrive at the counter in a cheery cup-filled mood...