Please help our Food Bank if you can

Sasha, is there a way to donate money online? Please do correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that money might be slightly more useful, as you can purchase exactly what you need?


You can email the Food Bank at if you want more information on how to donate!  SPortz, I sent you an email!

Post from the Rossland Food Bank:  You can donate through this link -

However, if you chose to donate this way the food bank does not get 100% of the amount donated (the canadahelps website takes a small cut for their part in the process). You can also send a cheque to PO Box 167 or drop one off to the food bank during our operating hours if you want to ensure that the food bank gets 100% of your donation. We will also be able to give you a receipt for donations made via either of these options, but it is obviously not as convenient as donating online.