quiet 2 bedroom

Are you   looking for a quiet, central, fully furnished and all-inclusive house to rentI'm looking to rent my gem to the right person ,fully furnished;  There are 2 bedrooms , kitchen, bathroom, and entryway. Includes small dishwasher, washer, dryer, fridge, stove, microwave, internet, heat, hot water, water, electricity, and parking. 

Hello, I'm Samuel from Germany looking for a place to live in Rossland till around April.
Will work for Red Resort. Would love to see the place.
Could help out with some shoveling or other small tasks. I have no pets, don't smoke inside and no partys. Would be happy to provide some references, including Angela (A's B&B).

text or call  1-437 six88 5887


Hello! My friend and I are very interested! I sent you an email.

This is a very generic ad and may be a rental scam. 

Hello I'm interested I send you an email


Scam? Prolific has been on bubble for a whole 6 days

A generic ad, no local references or contact info are signs of a fake rental ad and a scam. Don't send them any money.

Can confirm this one is a scam.

this scammer seems to have done his home work.


Find these f**king bottom feeding scammers and use them as speed bumps on Thompson, at least they'll have a purpose.